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Your Horse is Cast

would you know what to do?

A Horse Emergency can be a very scary situation!!

EnJ Equine First Aid is dedicated to helping horse lovers improve the health and safety of horses by providing the most up-to-date Equine First Aid teachings through a number of different hands-on and power point demonstrations, students will learn and go through a series of specific techniques for working with active medical problems a horse may have - from wound care, both pre- and post-vet visit, eye injuries and treatment, digestive distress issues including colic, breathing issues and common hoof conditions horse owners may have to encounter.

Prevention is also as important as knowing all the first aid procedures, and knowing a horse's vital signs is a huge part of this. You will learn, hands-on, how to take a full set of vital signs, so you, along with your vet will know sooner rather than later that something is wrong with your horses overall health condition.

Emma Hamilton, owner of "EnJ Equine First Aid Training" in the Fraser Valley is certified through Equi-Health and is the Canadian National Organization responsible for providing equine first aid training to horse enthusiasts of all ages, abilities and disciplines- and we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

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