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Barn Help will Travel

Your Mobile Equine one stop Service

Barn Help will Travel is branching out and mailers are on the way!!! To update: "Barn Help will Travel" is a Mobile Equine Barn Help Service. If your regular staff called in sick the night before, You are running behind on your barn chores, You need someone meet the Vet, Farrier, Hay or Feed Truck, to show a sale prospect and even to check on your Herd or walk a fence line. We are a short term fix until your regular or newly hired help has your barn / business / critters all taken care of. We have a 24hr turn around with staff to best fit your needs. Don't hesitate to call Barn Help will Travel for your free estimate @ 604-290-2554 or email

"Barn Help will Travel" is a Mobile Equine Service to assist in the workings of equine farms on a short term basis.

Rate is a flat rate of $25.00 an Hr per person

Services range as follows:

Experience Handling horses

Empty / fill water

Mucking stalls

Empty / refill stalls

Meet with Farrier or Vet

Show prospect

Able to spot basic illness / lameness

Measure and weigh feeds and Forage

Turn in / out

Feeding Hay / Grain

Sweeping barn

Meet with Hay / feed delivery

Taking off and putting on blankets

Lunging or walking

Organized and reliable

Knowledgeable health and safety


*Cleaning your horse's stall daily is a necessity. Manure buildup and ammonia from urine will plague your horse's hooves and respiratory system if you don't clean your horse's stall daily. You also need to periodically remove cobwebs and basic everyday dirt to reduce allergens and toxins in horse's stall.

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