EnJ Equine First Aid Training

Take the Training that could save your horses life!! 

Course Dates

Equine Fundamentals
Emergency Equine First Aid


Please note payment for clinics are non refundable. However they are transferable. Dates may be subject to change by host facility and/or

EnJ Equine First Aid @r 

Barn safety and Beyond

3hr clinic $69.00  5-8pm

Fall clinics to be announced or bring the training to you

Place: EnJ Equine First Aid Training

Address: 21448a 18th Ave Langley, BC

Looking to buy your first horse?  Your first acreage?  New to the world of ranching or just want to get close to a horse and learn more about them? 

Join us for a 3-hour comprehensive safety course focusing on farm safety, livestock safety, and of course safety around horses!  Geared for very basic/beginners.                     


Kids Horse First Aid

4 hr clinic $59.00

Place: EnJ Equine First Aid Training

Address: 21448a 18th Ave, Langley BC

Designed for kids 12 & under, this simplified version of the certified course provides hands on experience, a handbook filled with information, games, puzzles, etc., as well as a certificate of completion. The course takes approximately 3 hours and participants gain confidence and knowledge about equine first aid.

This is a great opportunity for 4H and pony clubs, summer camps, etc. and can be taught in an evening or on a weekend. Please use the contact us button to inquire about hosting or attending this course. 

$59.00 per child

Equine Fundamentals

4 hr clinic    $89.00    5pm to 8pm

Place: EnJ Equine First Aid Training

Address: 21448a 18th Ave, Langley BC

October 29, 2018 5pm to 8pm

November 14, 2018 5pm to 8pm

December 10, 2018 5pm to 8pm

January 6, 2018 5pm to 8pm

February 13, 2018 5pm to 8pm

We are looking for host facilities who would benefit from this Basic fundamentals course!!! You will train for free just ask how

[email protected] 604-290-2554


A Horse Emergency is something every horse Lover will encounter! Its not IF, It's WHEN...

Knowing what to do and being adequately prepared can make the difference between life and death for your horse.

Practice practice practice A action packed interactive hands on clinic includes lecture as well as first aid scenarios to better prepare you and to guide you on how to prepare your horse to accept treatment when an emergency occurs.

Knowing your horses normal vitals is extremely important so that you can recognize any abnormalities during an emergency.

Join us for a 3 hr clinic to learn these skills and so much more!!

For more detailed description and other Clinics we will be offering throughout the year please go to


Emergency Equine First Aid Training

$ 159.00

Place: EnJ Equine First Aid Training

Address: 21448a 18th Ave, Langley BC

September 19 & 20th 2018 5pm to 8pm
Willow Stables October 14, 2018 Oliver BC  10am to 5pm 
October 24 & 24, 2018 5pm to 8pm 
November 7 & 8th, 2018 5pm to 8pm 
December 5 & 6th, 2018 5pm to 8pm 

** New ** two day clinics for that busy horse person

We are booking fall and winter clinics at your facility or mine in South Langley BC.

We are looking for host facilities who would benefit from  our Emergency Equine First Aid course!!! You will train for free just ask me how!!

You will receive a barn card, certificate, and first aid manual that includes:

·      What's Abnormal/What’s Normal (+Vital signs chart)
·      When to Call for Assistance
·      Wounds, Bandaging, Wrapping Legs
·      Collapse, Shock, Poison, Burns
·      Lameness, Nail puncture, Interference, Abscess
·      Colic, Choke, Eye Injuries, Nose Bleed
·      Stings and Bites, Heat Stroke, and
·      First Aid Supplies needed

PLUS: How to weigh your horse WITHOUT A WEIGHT TAPE!

This one and new two-day certified course is only $159., and is suitable 
for all ages and abilities.

Equine Canada Coaches
 - this course provides professional development credits. 

Veterinary Techs - this course provides continuing education credit. 

Advanced Equine First Aid  $159.00

Fall Horse camp dates to be announced

Place: 21448A 18th Ave, Langley, BC

September 2018

October 2018

November 2018

December 2018

We are looking for host facilities who would benefit from this advanced course!!! You will train for free just ask how

[email protected] 604-290-2554

ADVANCED Equine First Aid


Join us for a one day highly advanced equine  first aid course and learn what to do in the most extreme situations! Advanced Equine First Aid one day course covers everything from lacerations to poison, burns to bites, fractures to sucking chest wounds, this course prepares the student to handle the most serious injuries while waiting for the vet.


Can you answer the following;

  • Do you know which plants are poisonous to your horse? 
  • Could you splint your horse's leg if necessary? 
  • Would you know how to sling a horse to pull him out of mud, water, sinkholes, or worse?
  • Do you know what to do when poor weather or natural disasters occur? 
  • We can give direction with answering these questions and so much more!!

This is a one-day hands-on course for the equine adventurer who wants to take their riding and equine emergency first aid knowledge to the next level. 

*Please Note: Basic first aid course is a prerequisite. 

All participants will receive a certificate of completion and Advanced Equine First Aid manual. 

We are looking for Barns interested in hosting the Basic and/or Advanced Equine First Aid courses, inquire as to how hosts earn their spot for free. Cost is only $199 per participant. 


Farm Safety for Kids (5-12)

Fall and winter Horse camps dates to be announced

Place: 21448a 18th Ave, Langley, BC

In a fun and interactive manner, kids will learn about being safe around livestock, machinery, and in the case of fire and other extreme situations!  This 3 hour course will give your kids the tools they need to be safe, proactive and make good decisions.