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Interactive Mondays

Wednesday Night Equine First Aid Clinics

EnJ Equine First Aid is offering a variety of clinics every Wednesday night for the up coming months

Instead of spending a full day learning Equine First Aid why not take your training on a Wednesday evening in 4 hour teachings....

We offer a wide range of training

"I CAN HELP" Horse First Aid for kids (ages 5-12) - Half Day $59.00

YAY OR NEIGH - Farm Safety for Kids (ages 5-12) - Half Day $59.00

"Farm Safety and Beyond" for new property owner and New horse owners. Learn farm and horse safety

Half Day $59.00 geared towards beginners

Equine First Aid Fundamentals - ages 10 and up - $89.00

Working hands on with the horses, you will learn to take vital signs, recognize pain in the horse, detect colic, and participate in lots of bandaging in realistic scenarios!

Equine Health and Emergency First Aid Course - two 1/2 day clinics $159.00

designed to help horse owners/care givers the confidence to make well informed decisions about your horses well being on a day to day basis or in the face of a real life emergency. Know when to call your veterinarian and what to do until help arrives. A fun interactive day of learning about horse health and first aid. Includes: first aid manual, vital signs card and a certificate of completion.

​Course qualifies as continuing education hours for coaches

Please see our dates for scheduled courses dates and times

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